Inlay preparation

  • After opening of the cavity and the treatment of the caries defects, the form for inlay (called "box") is ground by coarser diamond instruments (SC-M)
  • forms Cylinder: (835-837)
  • cylinder, modifed shoulder (835KR - 837KR)
  • flat end taper (845 - 847)
  • taper, modified shoulder (845KR - 847KR)
  • After completation of the box it will be (after) prepared with the same figure in fine or ultrafine grit (F-UF)
  • The fine grits are used to check and correct as well.
  • Removal of glue rests out of difficult areas while considiering the tooth substance
  • Forms: long formes, with or without safe ends (837-864)
  • Removal of disturbing material in the articulation area and meodelling anatomic shaping
  • Forms:
  1. Pointed football (368, 368L, 369)
  2. Football (379)
  3. Round (801)
  4. Pear (822-830L)
  • Grinding of primary contacts
  • With gold fillings: impact with a soft-impact polisher instruments without diamonds, e.g. round S801) or tungsten carbide burs and finishing instruments in the opposite turning direction
  • The final surface (if necessary to high polish) is made with the help of diffrent polishers, polishing discs, polishing felt or polishing brushes.