Overview Tungsten Carbide

 H1S round and H1SL
Preparation of carious cavities for
one tooth surface (class I and III);
removal of the affected dentin
(Nekréktomiâ); formation
semicircular retention points on
days and walls of the cavity; extension
mouths of root canals; Power Within
tooth cavities
H2 Inverted Cone
Formation of a flat bottom of a cavity,
creating trimmings, sharp corners,
giving the cavity a retention form
before preparation of cavities I, II and V
classes, especially when sealing
H21 Cylinder
Opening and expansion of the cavity,
excision of fissures, formation
sheer, strictly parallel walls,
right angles, flat bottom at
amalgam fillings 
H21R Round end Cylinder
One-moment, without boron replacement,
opening and expansion of cavities I and
II classes, excision of fissures,
formation of smoothed contours
cavities, smooth transitions between
bottom and walls of the cavity at
sealing with composites and others
polymeric materials
H25R Pear
Preparation of carious cavities I and
III classes; removal of the affected
dentin (necrectomy); formation
smoothed contours of the cavity, smooth
transitions between the bottom and the walls
cavities during sealing
composites and other polymers
H23L Long Flat end Taper
Opening and expansion of the cavity,
forming walls to obtain them
divergence (ie convergence when the bottom
cavities already, than an entrance aperture)
when sealing inserts, when
invasive fissure sealing
liquid composites and compomers