Preparation of cavities


Opening and widening of the cavity diamond forms: 

  • Round (801, 801L, 802)
  • Pear (822, 830, 830L)
  • Cylinders (835 - 838 standart and KR)
  • Inverted cones (805 - 807L)
  • Scrape out the caries dentine with help of tungsten carbide burs. Forms and sizes according to the size of caries.
  • After laying of an under-filling, the cavitytis smoothed by a fine or super fine diamond (in most cases it is the same figure that was used for the opening)
  • The cavity is shown in the occlusive area slightly tapered, sharp edges have to be avoided and a sloping of the edges is not done
  • In same cases the dentist also does undercuts. Diamond forms for these: inverted cone with collar (806) and diablo (813, 813L)
  • The approximate cavity walls are styled by a rounded step.
  • After the filling (amalgam, composite etc.) the geometry of the surface is formed by diamonds or tungsten carbide instruments (fissures, humps). The surface and edges of the fillings are smoothed by finishing instruments (diamonds with a veery fine grit, tungsten carbide instruments and partly abrasives with ceramic bond and arkansas abrasives.