Crown (or pillar) preparation

  • The tooth is prepared for the crown or part crown by grinding the hard substances (cf. tangent preparation, step preparation, valley preparation, styling of the crown rim).
  • Occlusal shortening
  • Forms:
  1. Cylinder (835-837)
  2. Lenticular (825, 826)
  3. Donut (909)
  • Separating with sharp diamonds
  • Forms:
  1. interproximal (392, 392A)
  2. needle (859, 859L, 859SEL)
  3. X-mas tree (852)
  4. flame (861-861, 888, 898)
  • coarse remove of the tooth substance (grits SC-M)
  • smoothing and finishing the stump (grit F-UF)
  • Co-ordinated instruments guarantee a continuous work. The same form of the form-giving and smoothing instrument is important. The contour that is created with the preparation will not be changed with a finishing instrument. The contour of the finishing instrument with same form as the diamond that was used for the preparation lays into the same contour line. It only smoothes without shaping. The identical form increases the precision, save time and saves valuable tooth substance.
  • Styling of the crown rim:
  • The are several advice for the styling of the crown rim with the preparation of teeth for the integration of crowns